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Our graduates go on to careers in business, marketing, education and biotechnology. Two-thirds go directly into jobs after graduation;  28 percent go on to graduate school. 

Welcome and stick around to see what will be happening in the future.  The best is yet to come.


At the Beginning

Today's world is filled with what is working in education and what needs to change.  What is working is single gender charter schools - those that are public and those that are private.  What is working is integrated teaching in schools - social studies paired with English Language Arts, STEM blended with English and social studies (STEMS - science, technology, engineering, mathematics and social issues) and of course the celebration of arts in all content.  What is working is togetherness - and the dismissal of silos - Community, University School Partnerships

Margaret M. Ferrara, PhD

Ferrara and You -sity

All Together - CUSP

Expansive Educator and Researcher

The Adventure Begins

Began in Hudson, New York.


5 brothers and sisters.  Amazing Italian mother and Irish father. Learned to write from my dad's support as a journalist, tv critic, and news director.  Fell in love with the smell of glue pots and ink as an AP intern..



With 1,200 students living on campus, there's always something to do at University International. Our students fuel 60 clubs and organizations and more than 100 activities per week.

Journey through  Elementary, Middle, and High School